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Press Communications

One of the pillars of Bureau van Sintnicolaas is (international) press communications.

We know how journalists work and what it takes to properly convey a message. We have excellent press contacts and organise press events which help journalists - and therefore you.

Dutch Mussels Marketing Board

Dutch Mussels Marketing Board

Since May 2016, we have been responsible for the collective promotion of Dutch mussels. We do this under the banner of the Dutch Mussels Marketing Board. Our activities comprise the entire range of communications activities: from press communication, advertising, online activities, social media and events to issue communication.

Concept development

Thanks to years of experience with fish-related marketing communications, we know how to bring fishermen and their products closer to the consumer.

Bureau van Sintnicolaas stands at the cradle of successful concepts for fresh fish such as Scheveninger'Best and Zuidwestervis. Now in development: an innovative concept for children!



Eat fresh, buy local. A trend that is becoming increasingly important for fish as well. Commissioned by fishermen from the south-westerly Netherlands, Bureau van Sintnicolaas developed the so-called Zuidwestervis concept (fish from the south-west) together with BooM packaging. Plaice and sole caught just off the Dutch coast are presented in striking packaging in the fish section of the local supermarket to entice consumers to purchase the product.

Sustainability Communications

Food production needs to be increased to feed the growing world population. But the impact of this must be kept to a minimum.

We assist various companies and organisations with their sustainability policy and communications. Both in terms of strategy and in a practical sense by producing brochures, websites, animations and videos and by organising press contacts.



About half of all the fish sold in stores is farmed. The ASC label was introduced in 2012: a global, independent label for responsibly farmed fish. We arranged the logo testing, drew up the communications plan and organised the launch in the Netherlands and Germany as well as an international press visit to certified pangasius farms in Vietnam.

The client list of Bureau van Sintnicolaas among others includes:

  • Nederlands Mosselbureau

  • ASC

  • Bord Bia

  • Pro Chille

  • Iittala

  • KitchenAid

  • PFA

  • Zuidwestervis

About Bureau Van Sintnicolaas

Following a successful career as director of the Dutch Fish Marketing Board (Nederlands Visbureau), the promotional agency of the collective Dutch fishing industry, independent entrepreneurship beckoned Tilly Sintnicolaas and she established Bureau van Sintnicolaas. Since its inception, Bureau van Sintnicolaas has worked for interesting clients in the national and international food sector.

Vers Marketeer

Fresh Marketeer nomination 2012

With Scheveninger'Best - the brand for fresh fish from Scheveningen - Tilly Sintnicolaas was nominated for the title Fresh Marketeer of the Year.

Collective Promotion

Besides the PR for premium brands, we are highly experienced with working for trade organisations, interest groups and promotional organisations. Bringing parties together and helping them focus on the common goal are second nature to us.

International cooperation

Our field of activity extends beyond the Netherlands; customers from countries such as Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland and Chile also rely on us to organise PR activities geared to the Dutch and/or Western European market. For many years, we have already been working with partner agencies in Belgium and Germany that adopt a similar approach to ours for this.